Colin Kaepernick has a right not to stand,but we as fans have a right to not go to games he plays in.
America … love it or leave it.
Kaepernick needs to leave.
He is finished as a QB anyway.

George Vreeland Hill


89th Academy Awards

With the 88th edition of the Oscars in the books, we will soon turn our eyes toward the 2017 show.
While there were some diversity issues this year, next year’s show promises to be better than ever.
Hollywood does know how to entertain.
Congrats to the winners tonight.

You have a year to enjoy the rewards of being the best of the best.
See you next year!

George Vreeland Hill

2016 Academy Awards

88th Academy Awards

The 88th academy Awards are here!
Yes, in a few hours we will know what films and actors are the best of the best of 2015.
Hollywood is center stage (as always) as the Dolby Theatre hosts the show that will be seen around the world.
What film will win Best Picture?
There sure are many great ones to choose from.
Will Leo finally get his Oscar?
We will all know very soon.
The red carpet is out, the stage is ready and so are we.
Lights, camera, action!
It’s time for the Oscars!

George Vreeland Hill